Walnut veneered boxes

These jewelry boxes are hand made and veneered in beautiful English Walnut Burr and American Black Walnut.

The Veneers are sliced very thinly – from fractions of a millimetre up to two millimetres thick and start life as a bulbous growth on the side of the tree trunk.

This growth, like a tree cancer with the internal cells twisted and knotted together, is the result of a mutation inside of the tree or the sudden exposure of a part of the tree to sunlight where previously it had been sheltered.
With some trees, such as English Elm, this mutation can run through the entire trunk.

Veneers like these are very valuable and often quite rare and no two bundles are the same.
There have been times when some species were unobtainable because exclusive car builders had purchased everything for the dashboards of their cars.

Furniture made using these decorative veneers is truly beautiful and a fantastic way to give the tree an extended second life – after all the tree was there for several hundred years before it made it’s way into my workshop !